Fly so high, we're gonna hit the sky.

Little by little, inch by inch...

Android development is tricky stuff when you don't know programming. But I'm getting there. Xamarin lets me use what little I know of C# in a productive manner and I've got all the pieces of an app waiting to be put together, if I can figure it out.


Unity x Visual Studio

Today was a good day. Plugged Visual Studio into Unity and started working out how to concoct the beginnings of my new learning. Turns out the difference between a gameObject and a GameObject is all the world when you're as rusty as I am.

D'oh Overhaul

Got my credentials in order to get back on the site and now I've torn it all down to start again. All very grey. I should sort that at some point.

Cut n' Run

Available on Xbox Live Indie Games for Xbox 360